Metropolitan Goods railway line

Last night/this morning I went on another night time photo taking session. There’s a freight railway line which branches off the Bankstown line at Sydenham and snakes around the Airport to Botany Bay. Most of the shots I took were of the railway and some trains I spotted. It was a really nice, fun night and pretty exciting to be trespassing on the railway line, for a good cause that is! 😆


Port Botany at night

I took a bit of a detour on the way home from my Saturday night and stopped at Port Botany to take some more night photos. The area has literally loads of potential and it’s somewhere I could easily come back to and get some more photos of unvisited areas or to retake some of these photos. These were taken between 12 – 2am:

Night shots

These were taken over two Friday nights after work in and around Luna Park. On the second night I had a tripod and I found it made a huge difference to my photos because I didn’t need to worry about camera shake or finding a place to rest the camera and I could keep the ISO down which I always try to do if I can.