Helensburgh Tunnel (Metropolitan Tunnel)

The other week myself and a few friends explored the old and abandon Helensburgh Tunnel (some also call it the Metropolitan Tunnel). The biggest motivation for exploring the tunnel: Glow worms! We arrived at the tunnel at around 11pm and I was not disappointed at all, it was very cool 🙂


The whole area is very muddy and dark so water proof boots and a torch is essential. The other end of the tunnel is fully submerged so it’s not actually possible to walk from one end to the other but it does mean there are tadpoles swimming around even in the puddles outside the tunnel.





The Moon

I did something I haven’t done in a while… took the telescope outside and had a look, this time viewing the Moon (there weren’t any other easy targets at that time).

I took this shot by taking the lens off my camera and holding it as still as I could to the telescope (the telescope acts as the lens). The photo could have been a bit sharper if I had the right equipment to screw my camera into the telescope and of course the view is much crisper, vivid and magnified viewing with your own eyes live through the telescope.

It’s fascinating for me to view the Moon and think that humans have actually managed to travel and land on that gigantic rock.

Metropolitan Goods railway line

Last night/this morning I went on another night time photo taking session. There’s a freight railway line which branches off the Bankstown line at Sydenham and snakes around the Airport to Botany Bay. Most of the shots I took were of the railway and some trains I spotted. It was a really nice, fun night and pretty exciting to be trespassing on the railway line, for a good cause that is! 😆

Port Botany at night

I took a bit of a detour on the way home from my Saturday night and stopped at Port Botany to take some more night photos. The area has literally loads of potential and it’s somewhere I could easily come back to and get some more photos of unvisited areas or to retake some of these photos. These were taken between 12 – 2am:

Night shots

These were taken over two Friday nights after work in and around Luna Park. On the second night I had a tripod and I found it made a huge difference to my photos because I didn’t need to worry about camera shake or finding a place to rest the camera and I could keep the ISO down which I always try to do if I can.