National Park Walk

Last Saturday myself and Maya went for a bush walk through the Royal National Park. More specifically we did this track. The drive to our starting point (a carpark area) was nothing out of the ordinary until I drove past the turnoff and then realised the turnoff was that rocky dirt road I passed by earlier… It would have had to have been the rockiest road I’ve driven on, but no popped tyres so all good!



The track was pretty good and it’s nice to be out there in nature:


We eventually descended towards the coast and reached an open area with some nice views of the Illawarra coast line.


And spotted this on the way back:

Overall it was a nice day 🙂



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Out and about at Sydney Aquarium.          


Pelican feeding

Pelican feeding at The Entrance.. Central Coast NSW.


The Zoo

Saturday visit to Taronga Zoo, one could easily spend a whole day there just watching the animals!


Afternoon dog walk

Taking the dogs out for an afternoon walk in the park.



I enjoy animals and am fortunate to have these little guys living in my house with me 🙂