Metropolitan Goods railway line

Last night/this morning I went on another night time photo taking session. There’s a freight railway line which branches off the Bankstown line at Sydenham and snakes around the Airport to Botany Bay. Most of the shots I took were of the railway and some trains I spotted. It was a really nice, fun night and pretty exciting to be trespassing on the railway line, for a good cause that is! 😆


6 thoughts on “Metropolitan Goods railway line

  1. These are great photos…your angles and lighting fantastic.

  2. Mr. V. says:

    Great photos. I enjoy images of trains and railroads, and you’ve got some nice ones here.

    Also, thanks for visiting my blog and liking my latest post.

  3. christophrm says:

    I really like the train pictures. Great atmosphere! Not keen on the plane and hare. For me they kind of spoil the atmosphere the others created.

    • aaronz92 says:

      Thanks Chris! I did feel a cool atmosphere being on the train tracks for sure, I have to do it again sometime. I think you’re right, the photo of the rabbit is pretty low-quality I was just surprised to see one at that time of the night and I feel the photo of the Plane is a bit off-topic.. I can always make a post about planes sometime in the future.

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